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thorinshielding said:ahhHHHHHH A++ RAD~
iglishmek said: CUTIE wow gosh dang
thanks! (;A;)/
  1. thorinshielding said:ahhHHHHHH A++ RAD~
  2. iglishmek said: CUTIE wow gosh dang

thanks! (;A;)/

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jesus im in love with comics fanmix 



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Hi guys. So I finally decided to open commissions ^^

  • No refunds
  • PayPal only
  • I do commission NSFW
  • I am happy doing any fandom and original characters.
  • Every 3rd+ character or background will  raise the price.
  • No reposting!

I’ll work in the order I receive the commissions. Each piece takes time. I will always finish what I’ve been paid to do, so please be patient. I am happy to send w.i.ps when I have them available and I’ll only start after I have received payment.

Please free to email me at chibijinebra@gmail.com with as many details and, if possible, image references as you can. (By the way, this is not my PayPal email. Once we are confirmed on the details of your commission, I will provide the PayPal email to you.)

Thank you everyone! 

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